Why Donate

The Felton Community Hall has been an integral part of the San Lorenzo Valley since the original building was completed in 1927, funded by the community and spearheaded by Dr. Jesse Farmer, who happened to single-handedly save the San Lorenzo Valley from the ravages of the 1918 Influenza Pandemic. The hall has provided a community meeting place for performances, events and classes as well as a place to celebrate so many of life’s milestones such as weddings, memorials, scout ceremonies and so much more. FCH is also a central gathering place during community emergencies.

After the original building burnt to the ground in 1990, local citizens began a fund-raising drive to rebuild the Community Hall. The new Felton Community Hall, completed in 1996, stands on the original historic site, a testament to the extraordinary achievement of ordinary people with a shared vision and a willingness to work together.

Now it is time once again for community members to come together to keep this important location operating for future generations. Due to the Covid Pandemic restrictions, FCH had lost its event and class rental income. It also depleted its reserve fund a couple of years ago to pay for a complete roof replacement.

Donate below via PayPal (you do not need a PayPal account) or mail a donation check to:

Felton Community Hall, P.O. Box 763, Felton, CA 95018.

The Felton Community Hall is also accepting bookings for future events. If your event cannot be held due to continuing future Covid restrictions, you can use your deposit for a future date or receive a refund.

Thank you for your commitment to your community.